Spring Break Body Tips

Get The Body You Want For Spring Break With These Tips!

Although it might not feel like it, Spring Break is just around the corner! In less then a month, the marking period will be over and everyone will be marching off to the sunny spots to party and have a good time. Places such as Miami and the Outer Banks will be flocked with families because of their breathtaking popular beaches and warm temperatures. Under the hot sun, you will be forced to shed those clothes and show the body that you’ve been hiding under winter layers for the past five or so months. So here are some tips to get the Spring Break body you want so you can bust out your shorts and bikinis with pride!

1. Exercise. Choose activities you’d enjoy like dancing, walking, or throwing around a football to get your butt off the couch and away from Netflix. Even if you do not have a gym membership, you can still exercise from the comfort of your own home and around your neighborhood. Invite friends and piece your workout together.
2. No Crazy Diets. Don’t let ads for quick and easy diets fool you. Starving yourself will only lead to unforeseen consequences. By committing to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will have much better results then to stop eating altogether. Refer to the United States Department of Agriculture’s portion plate chart and healthy ideas for inspiration.
3. Take Initiative With Your Portions. If you decide to stop by a fast food place, order something in a smaller size. Instead of large, go for a medium or small. Try to cut out unplanned snacking or eating while your bored. Class may be dull but snacking on Doritos isn’t going to help. Eat a bigger dinner and trim the late night snacks. If you choose to snack, choose healthy.
4. Make Better Choices With What You Eat. A famous person once said ‘You are what you eat’. Instead of visiting Chic-fil-a and McDonalds every morning, make something yourself with lots of fruits and protein. Google recipes for healthy breakfast ideas and delicious looking mixtures of smoothies, muffins, and more that will pop up and make your mouth water.
5. Don’t Be Intimidated By Other People’s Bodies. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Do not compare yourself to your friends, classmates, or celebrities. Don’t agonize over how amazing some person looks in their swimsuit in their last Instagram post. Everyone has their own body-type and style so confidence is key. Have self-respect for yourself and how you look.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to getting the Spring Break look you desire.