Top Five Diseases Caught Throughout the High School Years

Brittani Lewis, Managing Editor


The disease that infects us from the first day of    freshman year where the brain becomes unable to access motivation.

Symptoms: Excessive laziness

Continuously saying “I’ll do it later”


False Security

Cure: Get it done, once it’s over with you won’t have to worry about it anymore.




Lack in motivation towards studies during the senior year.

Symptoms: Slowness


Apathy in schoolwork

Cure: N/A




The lie of thinking you can do everything by yourself, even after the point of failing.

Symptoms: Overwhelmed with: School Work, Graduating, Life.

Not getting help to get stress off your shoulders

Cure: There’s a building full of teachers and staff. Their goal is to get you out of school and be successful. There is nothing wrong with getting extra help to better your future.



 Taking on more than you can handle.

Symptoms: Having a little too “Extra” Extracurricular activities

Dropping of grades

Cure: Make graduating your main priority. Manage how you spend your time and focus on the prize.




The feeling of being a social outcast.

Symptoms: Feeling like you don’t fit in

Lack of confidence

Not with the “crowd”

Cure: Own it. Accept and flaunt the fact that you’re different. All these cliques you see in high school don’t exist in reality. Be proud that you have a sense of individualism and you’re not like everyone else.