Chan Kim Recognized for Scientific Prowess

Chan Kim accepts Liebherr Group’s Innovation Award.


Principal Surry, physics teacher Justine White, and Rodney Culverhouse, Instructional Supervisor of Science for Newport News Public Schools, join Chan as he accepts his award from Liebherr’s Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Conny Luhrs.

Allison Scherner, News Editor

On January 30th, senior Chan Kim accepted the Liebherr Group’s first Innovation Award for his outstanding science fair projects. Liebherr is a Germany-based industrial equipment (cranes, aircraft parts, and mining) manufacturing company with offices in Newport News.

Kim was ecstatic to accept the award, exclaiming that he was very honored and that this would help further his dream career in engineering. “Everyone’s excited to start a new era,” said Liebherr’s Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Conny Luhrs, as she handed him the award with a smile.  “It’s an honor to come here to present in this community.” She added that Liebherr is looking forward to continuing its support of engineering and STEM programs in Newport News.

Chan Kim’s projects include testing how the curve of  chair back suspensions affects temperature difference and developing a robot that easily attaches to the walls of a space station to assist with cleaning. Kim travels to Houston in April to test the design of the robot in an anti-gravity aircraft at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.