Cocoa Brown Returns to Newport News

Menchville Alum Farah “Cocoa” Brown Visits Friends, Family, and Fans.


Brittani Lewis, Managing Editor

Menchville graduate Farah “Cocoa “ Brown came back to her hometown for the holidays and showed her familiar smile at the Downing Gross Cultural Center on December 20th. Relatives, friends, and fans all gathered to give her a warm welcome back to Newport News, and as she walked through the door her face lit up as she scanned each face. One person she immediately pointed out when walking into the room was a Daily Press writer who followed her throughout her career, Mike Holtzclaw.

The meet and greet had a very “homey” feel to it. Cocoa’s family friend’s sat next to me, reminiscing on moments from Farah’s life in Newport News. That was the case for many of the guests who knew Farah by her actual name, not to her stage name “Cocoa Brown”. Ever since Cocoa graduated high school she pursued her career as a stand up comedian, starring on BET for years and eventually making it to the theaters, recently featured in Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club.”

After my short meeting with Cocoa, I can honestly say I’ve never met such a humble, down-to-earth person who has made such a success of their life. When I asked her what advice she would give to teens trying trying to find success she looked straight in my eyes and said, “Honey you just have to stay grounded. Be thick-skinned and don’t let anyone get in your way.” These words of experience filled me with inspiration and I understood the true meaning of not giving up.

The push you’re feeling to graduate right now, Monarchs, is all worth it because that push is only the beginning of you’re journey. Work hard, be strong, and never give up on your dreams.