Jenne Claiborne: The Vegan we should all get recipes from

Helaina Ballou, Staff Writer

Becoming vegan is popular and trendy these days. Americans are starting to realize that not only is it trendy, but it also has many health benefits ranging from living longer to having a much-reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Living the vegan lifestyle may look easy, but starting out is not always easy. From having to look up vegan recipes to having to come up with vegan recipes can make being vegan hard, but there are many vegan Instagram influencers that can help out with someone who’s beginning the vegan lifestyle. One that stood out to me especially, is a young influencer named Jenne Claiborne.

Jenne Claiborne is a young African American Instagram influencer who is a vegan chef, blogger, youtube vlogger, and author who loves to share everyday vegan recipes. When you first go on to her Instagram account and click on one of her photos that has a vegan dish or food on it, it will include a short description of the food or dish, and then she will include the full recipe or a link to the recipe of that food or dish.  Claiborne recipes range from breakfast to desserts. Not only that but Claiborne also includes vegan dishes from all over the world. Claiborne also includes tips on cleaning products and skincare. Jenne Claiborne is definitely someone you should check out.