Pippin Jardine: A healer for us all

When life gives us stress and headaches, we could all use someone to help us relax, de-stress our minds, and relieve our worries for a bit. Our second influencer of the week, Pippin Jardine, can help with all these things.

Pippin Jardine is an eighteen-year-old who lives in Northern California. She embraces the California culture; for people who love to drink green smoothies, are vegans, are concerned about the planet, and love the warm California weather. Jardine is also for people that love hippie culture, wear tie-dye, and listen to 1960’s bands such as The Grateful Dead and Credence Clearwater Revival.  For those who have acne, Pippin Jardine gives tips on self-care such as making a remedy to help make acne scars disappear and exercise routines for tighter abs and muscle gain. Jardine is also for those who are struggling with their mental health because she gives advice on mental health such as how to treat depression and what to do if you’re having an anxiety attack. She is an activist who has posted resources on Black Lives Matter and Women’s Rights. Pippin Jardine is the influencer that we all need to follow on Instagram.