2019 Final Exams Schedule


Laura Madler, Editor-in-Chief

You’ve made it this far, Monarchs- just a few more weeks! Before you can kick back on the beach or leave Newport News for vacation, however, you’ve got to pass those pesky final exams. The exam schedule is as follows:

Senior Exams

June 3: 1st (part 1) and 7th

June 4: 1st (part 2) and 6th

June 5: 3rd and 5th

June 6: 2nd and 4th

*June 7 is locker clean-out day*


Underclassmen Exams

June 10: 6th- regular dismissal

June 11: 3rd and 5th- dismiss at 10:40

June 12: 2nd and 4th- dismiss at 10:40

June 13: 1st and 7th- dismiss at 10:40


Go ace those exams and enjoy your summer break, Monarchs! Remember, graduation is on June 9th at 6:00 pm at the Hampton Coliseum.