Menchville Archery Team Shoots their Shot at States


Courtesy of Cindy Welch

The Menchville Archery team placed 5th in their Bullseye Tournament and 6th in the IBO 3D Challenge on Saturday, March 9.

Menchville’s Archery Team competed at the NASP State Archery Tournament on Saturday, March 9. This year, the team signed up for and competed in two separate tournaments: the IBO 3D Challenge, and the Bullseye tournament. All archers on the team were allowed to shoot in the 3D tournament if they wished, but only the top 24 archers on the team could shoot in the Bullseye tournament.

In the 3D Challenge, archers shot at foam targets shaped like animals, and the score was determined by where the arrow landed on the animal’s body. The team concluded the IBO 3D Challenge with a total score of 1602, ranking 6th out of 11 in the state.

In the Bullseye tournament, archers aimed for the center of the target to gain points. The team placed 5th in the state with a score of 3266.

The team’s score in the bullseye tournament qualifies them to advance to Nationals, and the team will travel to Nashville for the competition in May.

Archer Results – IBO 3D Challenge:

Sharon Ellis
Archers participated in the IBO 3D Challenge, where they shoot at foam animal targets and scores are determined by where the arrow lands on the animal’s body.

Dalton Westphal: 279

Felix Arsenault: 272

Joshua Hewitt: 267

Courtney Hodge: 263

Tyrek Lee: 261

Ashley Johnson: 260

Ashton Briggs: 259

Curtis Merkel: 258

Bryson Welch: 257

Hannah Hollis: 250

Ethan Matthews: 242

Elisa Konop: 238

Samuel Molina: 236

Kasey Twitchell: 235

Beth Ellis: 234

Treyton Land: 233

David Lembersky: 233

Rachael Morgan: 231

X-Zavier Pipkin: 229

Avery McAninch: 223

Juliana Cerny: 219

Sophia Ottofaro: 215

Kynlee Johnson: 206

Kayla Riach: 189

Archer Results – Bullseye Tournament:

Sharon Ellis
Archers participated in the Bullseye tournament, where they aim for the center of the target.

Dalton Westphal: 280

Felix Arsenault: 279

Tyrek Lee: 279

Elisa Konop: 277

Ashton Briggs: 273

Kasey Twitchell: 272

Courtney Hodge: 271

Bryson Welch: 271

David Lembersky: 269

Ashley Johnson: 266

Hannah Hollis: 265

Beth Ellis: 264

Ethan Matthews: 263

Mohummed Taha: 263

Samuel Molina: 263

Curtis Merkel: 263

Joshua Hewitt: 262

Joshua Lawrence: 257

Kayla Riach: 257

Avery McAninch: 251

Juliana Cerny: 251

Treyton Land: 242

Sophia Ottofaro: 238

X-Zavier Pipkin: 231