What do your shoes say about you?


Boat shoes

How often do we see this shoe at Menchville? Every day. These shoes are mostly worn by the prepsters of our time. These go out to the men dedicated to polo shirts and khaki shorts, even when its ten degrees outside… and there’s a blizzard.



 Calling all the ballers. Jordans are dedicated to the sport fanatics who bring Menchville’s gym to life. They’re brains are filled with scoreboards and replays. Scuffmarks are unheard of and although those J’s are nice, don’t you dare wear them to practice.



This universal shoe has changed the game forever. Not only does it mean “Hey, I’ve rode a skateboard once or twice” but its now its variety of colors are worn with a chill tee and a pair of leggings.



This is the most classical shoe of our time. We feel in love with their magical powers to match any outfit we dare to put on. Generation after generation they’ve miraculously appeared in the shoe isles, which leads me to say we’ve all had a pair of our own.

Ugg Boots


Translation for “It’s winter, where’s my North Face.”

Running Shoes


I run track.