Senior vs Faculty Basketball Game 2018

The Menchville Faculty takes back victory

On March 22, the Menchville faculty defeated the Menchville seniors 52-50 in the most highly anticipated basketball game of the season, ending the seniors’ winning streak.

Activities Director Kyle Lumsden, who also coached the faculty team, sang the national anthem before the game began. The game started off with Dennis Zollicoffer, Coach Z, scoring the first basket and putting numbers up on the score board for the faculty team. After a long first quarter with no points made by the students, senior Mac Avery finally put the seniors on the score board with a basket. However, with faculty still leading 18-2, things were not looking very bright for Menchville’s seniors.  James Gaite choked on his two free throws, leaving the faculty with lead. But, by halftime, the seniors managed to tie the game 20-20.

During third quarter, the faculty and seniors maintained a steady tie, going back and forth in point totals. Senior Aaron Nixon was fouled by a faculty member, and he took two free throws- making the first but missing the next. By the end of the quarter, faculty had a firm lead.

In the final quarter of the game senior Nas McGee made a 3-point shot, catching the class of 2018 up with the faculty. With only a few minutes left in the game remaining, the score was 52-48 with faculty leading. Senior James Gaita made the last shot of the game for the seniors, but it was not enough. For the first time in years the seniors lost, leaving the faculty ecstatic, but the seniors still came away from the game with plenty of funds for their after-prom.