Luke Bryan’s new album feels like home

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Mindy Nguyen , Arts & Entertainment

Luke Bryan is an American country singer and songwriter. He began his musical career in the mid-2000s, writing songs for his longtime friends from high school, performers Travis Tritt and Billy Currington, and releasing his first Spring Break album. Bryan moved to Nashville after high school to pursue his dream of a country music career, and a few years later his first album with Capitol Records, I’ll Stay Me, was released. On December 8th Bryan released an album called “What Makes You Country” and it includes 15 songs.

This year, Bryan new songs are: “What Makes You Country,” “Out of Nowhere Girl,” “Light It Up,” “Most People Are Good,” “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset,” “Bad Lovers,” “Drinking Again,” “Land Of A Million Songs,” “Like You Say You Do,” “Hooked On It,” “She’s A Hot One,” “Hungover In A Hotel Room,” “Pick It Up,” “Driving This Thing,” “Win Life.”

My favorite song on the album is “Most People Are Good.” This song is truly beautiful and well sung. This song reminds me that all people are good on the inside. This song makes me sad and happy at the time same time and this song relates to my life. It relates to my life because when he says “I believe we gotta forgive and make amends cause nobody gets a second chance to make new friends,” and he is hundred percent right about that. This song is truly amazing and I think everyone in the world should listen to it!

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