The Maze of Madness 2017


Ethan Matthews

Student Taylor Waddell works to set up gravestones in the Scarecrow Forest section.

Ethan Matthews, Clubs and Activities Editor

Spiders crawled through mounds of cobwebs. Pained screams echoed through the night. Cursed circus performers lunged from behind curtains as the Menchville courtyard turned into a dark, foggy, and bloody labyrinth of horrors. This is what participants endured on Friday and Saturday night, the 20th and 21st of October, at the fourth annual Maze of Madness, which ran from 8-10 both nights and with a light scare from 5-7 on Saturday.

Participants moved through six themed sections of the maze:  Clowns, Blackout, Vampire, Swamp, Biohazard and Scarecrow Forest.  When they exited the final section, they took a hayride back to the entrance area.

“Biohazard was my favorite section, because the people were really believable, and the set-up was very intricate,” said Junior Kelly Ritenour.

The Maze of Madness is a fundraiser for the Choral Deparment.  The group spent weeks planning the maze, but only had a few hours on Friday afternoon to set everything up. “I had a lot of fun getting to know more of the people in chorus and working together. I really felt like everyone was a team,” said Sophomore Elena Amundson.  Senior Mario Jones took time out from orchestrating the event to make sure everything would run smoothly.  Jones said “I helped run the maze and I just went through. I was chased out, I literally had to sprint out of the exit. I swear I was sweating by the end.”

Overall the Maze was a success –  the maze made over $4000.00 for the choral department and scared many people including Principal Bobby Surry, who said, “It was absolutely horrifying,” and joked,“Wait those were students? I thought they were paid actors.”