Queer There and Everywhere

Jacket art by Zoë More OFerrall

Jacket art by Zoë More O’Ferrall

Kelly Ritenour, Clubs and Activities Editor

In Sarah Prager’s first ever novel Queer There and Everywhere, Prager shines a light on a side of history that they don’t teach in schools: the history of the queer community. Unknown to many, LGBT+ people have existed since the time of the Roman Empire. In this beautifully told set of biographies, Prager narrates the lives, struggles, and courageous expression of twenty three select queer people from various time periods. Readers will get to read about President Lincoln’s ‘intimate friendship’ with a man, stories of gender nonconforming rulers such as Kristina Vasa of Sweden, the tale of Harvey Milk and his rise to power as one of the first openly gay politicians, and the story of how trans woman Renee Richards fought for her right to play in the woman’s tennis league.

The book is filled with rich history that is often overlooked. Prager’s quirky storytelling makes the novel engaging and fun to read. LGBT+ readers can find themselves in these stories and learn they are not alone. The book is a great example of the impact representation can have on the lives of young teenagers.