Clubs and Activities Fair


Ethan Matthews

Editor of the Lion’s Roar, Laura Madler, speaks to a student about the Lion’s Roar Club.

Ethan Matthews, Clubs and Activities Editor

On Friday, September 29th, the Clubs and Activities Fair was held in the second cafeteria during 7th period. Students who visited the fair learned about many of the extracurriculars at Menchville. This event was a great chance for clubs to present themselves to the student body for the new year. Some of the clubs, such as GSA and Harry Potter club, had great success this year in recruiting new members. Many of these clubs have already kicked off and will meet as follows;

  • The Psychology club meets Monday October 16th in 020.
  • The Drama club meets after school on Thursday October 5th in Room 402.
  • The Lion’s Roar club meets every Thursday in the Library.
  • The GSA meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month in room 113.
  • Key club meets in Cafeteria 2, but the first meeting date has not been announced yet.
  • Archery meets Tuesday, and Thursday at B.C.Charles from 6:30-8 pm.
  • Product Inclusion meets most Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month in room 018.
  • Harry Potter Club details have not been announced yet.
  • Future Business Leaders of America meets right after school in room 305 on every other Tuesday starting October 12th.
  • Criminal Justice club meets on October 26th but a meeting place has not been decided on yet.
  • Art Club meets every Tuesday in room 402.