Prayer At The Pole


Ethan Matthews

Students, Teachers, and Faculty join hands in prayer at the “Prayer at the Pole” event.

On Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, Menchville participated in a National Day of Prayer. Students, teachers and local youth pastor David Godwin met at the flag pole and joined hands in prayer. After Godwin lead the group in worship, individuals were given time for their own reflection.

Ethan Matthews
Rosalyn Taylor and Patricia Clancy (shown here) joined in on the event as well.

The origin of this tradition dates back almost thirty years. On September 12th, 1990, over 45,000 students throughout the country met at their school’s flagpole to host a morning of prayer. The idea started in early 1990’s when a group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas drove to three different schools and gathered around the flagpoles to pray for their community. Students across the country were inspired. In 1991 around one million students met at flagpoles around the country to pray. An organization called See You At The Pole™ formed around the idea.

Ethan Matthews
Participants pose for a group photo after holding their prayer service.