Morgan Merritt Top 50 on the field and in the classroom


Kaitlin Pankowski

Morgan Merritt on game day.

Morgan Merritt, a junior at Menchville,  also happens to be one of the top 50 field hockey players in the country, according to Max Sports.  She started her field hockey career just a few years ago.  Merritt said she “instantly fell in love” with the game.   Not only is Merritt one of the best on the field, she’s also at top of her class. She explained that even though she has travel practice and games on the weekends all of her coaches are flexible with her school schedule and understand that she is committed to her school work and also her school sports.  She also runs for the Cross Country team.

In February of 2017, Merritt made the huge decision to commit to James Madison University to continue to play field hockey at the college level after she graduates in 2019. Merritt said,  “being committed puts a lot of pressure on me,” especially as a junior in high school. Merritt is determined to continue doing better as a person in school and as a player on the field for JMU to continue to want her in the fall of 2019.  Merritt has never been afraid of making mistakes because she’s always ready to learn from them. The last thing Merritt had to say was a huge thank you to her parents and to her coach, Nicole Kuykendall for helping her get to where she is now.