Miley’s Malibu

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Mindy Nguyen , Arts & Entertainment

After a long hiatus, Miley Cyrus has returned to the pop world with her new single “Malibu.” Released on May 12, 2017, radio stations are calling the song a summer hit.

Malibu starts off very calm, but in the middle of the track picks up significantly. It has an acoustic sound, with Cyrus looking happy, carefree, and at peace in the music video. the scenery in the video features beautiful hills, waterfalls, and the beach, as they song discusses living life to it’s fullest and past opportunities Cyrus has passed up out of fear.

In the video, Cyrus’s beach waved blonde hair looks stunning, her skin also appearing smooth and flawless. Malibu is a feel-good song and the last part is my favorite because her vocals are on point.

Malibu is expected to be featured on an upcoming album that’s slotted to be released in late 2017.