Harry Styles Goes Solo


picture from www.much.com

Mindy Nguyen, Arts & Entertainment

Popular from his association with the British boy-band One Direction, Harry Styles is an singer and songwriter who, for the very first time, has released his own solo album. Released on May 12, 2017 with 10 songs, the albums name is ironically dubbed “Harry Styles”.

The 10 song set list includes: “Meet Me In The Hallway,” “Sign Of The Times,” “Carolina,”Sweet Creature,” “Only Angel,” “Kiwi,” “Ever Since New York,” “Woman,” “From The Dining Table.” The style of music ranges from typical pop, to rock, to deep bass on the album; and the influences of Bowie and Elton are prominent in songs such as “Woman” and “Sign of the Times”.

My favorite song on the album is without a doubt “Sign of the Times” because it has such a unique sound. I love this song because Styles vocals are on point, and because it is such a relaxing song to listen to when you are not doing anything. Style’s vocal work is what redeems this track and a lack of band members to compete with allows him to show off what his voice can really accomplish.

picture from www.thesun.com