March – Women of Our Time

With March being National Women’s History Month, here are some of the women the staff of Lion’s Roar personally look up to as innovators of change, and inspirational icons in their lives.

Online Editor, Ashley Weiss: “Ellen DeGenerous. I think she is very important when it comes to women and LGBTQ+ rights, and she always uses her power to help others.”

Arts and Entertainment Editor, Mindy Nguyen: “My mom is my favorite icon because she always tells me to achieve my goals, so I can be successful in the future.”

Lead Photographer, McKenzie Goodwin: “My mom is definitely a woman I look up to in my life. The things she has been through have made her such a strong and beautiful person. I hope to be like her some day.”

Staff Writer, Rachel Smith: “My friend Renee’s Mom, because she can say whatever she wants whenever she wants. Oh, and she has nice hair.”

Staff Writer, Kaitlyn Helsel: “My mother, because she handles my teenage drama as well as care-taking after me and my two autistic brothers. She’s just flat out awesome.”

Staff Writer, Laura Madler: “Tina Fey, because she really shows you can be smart and funny at the same time, and she sticks up for women rights.”

Staff Writer, Emma Janney: “Esther from the Old Testament of the Bible, she was a Jewish women who was chosen to be the new kings wife. And when all the Jews were being persecuted, God told her to save her people. She was afraid, but with the help of her family and her faith she overcame her fear.

Staff Writer, Brandon Wright (B-Rab): “Bonita Frazier,  because she continues to inspire her students through challenging work that helps her students find the answer within themselves.”

Staff Writer, Dalijah Robinson: “Lauren Jaregui. Mainly because she uses her platform to spread awareness about feminism and important social justice issues.”

Staff Writer, Ashlee McClennon: “Harriet Tubman. She was the most senseless woman of the 19th century, and she only cared about helping others.”

Staff Writer, A’naja Ratkowksi: “My Madre, because she has inspired me to keep moving forward, do good in life, and try to achieve anything.”

Staff Writer, Casey Voss: “My Grandma. She has inspired me to express myself anyway that I can and has taught me to just be a good person.”

Videographer, Daniela Curran: “Beyonce! I really like her visual album for Lemonade because she used it to discuss issues of social justice. And it just seems that she’s all for equality and female empowerment.”

Editor in Chief, Kylee Baines: “In all honesty, besides my mother (whom I won’t use for this because it’s rather cliche), Gloria Steinem, in my eyes, has been the most prominent and fiercest innovator of change for the past 82 years. From taking care of her mentally ill mother as a teenager, going undercover as a PlayBoy Bunny to expose the horrific sexualization/maltreatment of women in the 60’s and 70’s, writing profound articles on social injustices, and just always advocating for the overlooked minority – Steinem has created a legacy. That legacy, of never backing down into the shadows when injustice arises, is the core of what every citizen who desires to see change should follow. Some may not exactly agree with her outspokenness, but you can’t deny that woman’s done some fabulous things.”