Seniors Defeat Faculty in Annual Basketball Game


Ashlee Mclellan

Noah Webster and Brandon Traner start off the 2017 Senior Faculty Basketball game.


On March 7th, the Menchville Seniors defeated the Menchville Faculty in the much anticipated annual Senior versus Faculty basketball game.  Senior Rose Rizzi sang the National Anthem before the game. The game began with the first of many amazing 3-point shots from senior Brittany Oliver, giving the seniors a lead in which they kept for the entire first quarter.

It wasn’t until there was a little under three minutes left in othe third quarter that the faculty tied 37-37 after a shot from Coach Patrick Day. Less than a minute later, however, senior Noah Webster regained the lead for the seniors. Officer Lett added two points to the score for the faculty giving them their last lead of the game 61-60 with fifty seconds left.

In the remaining time, senior exchange student Daphne Weskra was fouled, and took back the seniors lead with two free throws, finishing the game 61-64.

“In the beginning, I didn’t think they would win, there was a lot of, I wouldn’t say luck, but there were a lot of amazing three point shots that kept them in the game and kept them ahead,” said Coach Day, who, like most of the faculty was disappointed by the loss.

The Senior-Faculty Basketball Game is the main fund-raiser for Menchville PTA’s after prom event.