Seeing a Dangerous Woman Live


Casey Voss

Ariana Grande ending her opening performance ‘Be Alright’ in Washington D.C

In February 2017, Ariana Grande kicked off her Dangerous Woman Tour. During the first leg of the tour, I had the opportunity to see Grande perform live in  Washington D.C. . She performed a range of hits, including some of her most popular singles such as ‘Problem’ and ‘Break Free,’ to her newest songs on the Dangerous Woman album.

The concert began with two opening acts: Victoria Monet and Little Mix. After their performances, the crowd was anxiously waiting the arrival of Ariana. After Little Mix, the second act, left the stage, and a 10 minute countdown for Grande to start the show began. After the timer was up, Grande made an incredible entrance to her song ‘Be Alright’. She joined in with all the dancers to do choreography, and the crowd was very excitable. Grande also performed ‘Greedy’, and during this song, there were fake dollar bills that had the word ‘Greedy’ on them shot out into the crowd. Grande performed ‘Moonlight,’ which is one of the slower songs on her album,  and the fog and backdrop she had encircling her was perfect scenery. When she performed her song ‘Sometimes’ (which she stated was one of her favorite songs on the album), she walked to each side of the stage, and touched the hands of the fans at the barricades. I was very lucky to be able to have pit seats on the edge of the stage, so my friends and I were able to hold Ariana’s hand while she sang with us. Holding hands with your idol and being able to hear them sing that close is an unbelievable feeling.

Grande ended the show with her hit single ‘Dangerous Woman’. After seeing Grande in concert, I was very pleased with her vocals and choreography. I have attended two separate tours of Grande’s, and in my opinion, she has never disappointed me with any of her performances.

Casey Voss