Menchville Archery Wins City Tournament


Rachel Smith, writer

Menchville’s Archery team achieved their first victory in their quest to return to Nationals this year. The Monarchs won the Newport News city tournament and move on to the Virginia State tournament in Doswell, Virginia, beginning March 11.

Archer Scores:

Josh Cerny- 266

Ethan Pittman- 266

Sheridan Paranuk- 262

Felix Arsenault- 258

Ben Beal-247

Chloe Childress- 271

Tyrek Lee- 268

Alan McGuire- 256

Chris VS Pauli- 248

Samantha Crawford- 238

Chad Hicks- 246

Hailee Ward- 264

Brittany Steele- 246

Andrew Ross- 228

Chris Kessel- 256

Eric Young- 276

Juliana Cerny- 271

Josh Duncan- 255

Courtney Hodge- 262

Arianna Gonzalez- 251

Curtis Merkel- 252

Joshua Lawrence- 226

Lourdes Melendez- 192