Menchville Monarchs Fight to End Hunger

Menchville students build leadership skills through community service.

      Imagine waking up to an empty cabinet everyday, not knowing when your next meal will come around. This may seem unfamiliar to many of us but it’s an ongoing issue that people in countries all around the world face.

         America’s economy isn’t as promising as it used to be. Families are starving simply because they are unable to afford food cost while supporting themselves at the same time. Americans need to come together to fight against hunger issues in communities, and as Monarchs we know exactly where to start.

      This year Menchville will be participating in a nationwide program called Lead2Feed. David C. Novak, CEO of Yum!, Brand Inc. developed Lead2Feed. Yum! Is one of the largest restaurants chains in the word and includes places we love such as Taco Bell and KFC. During his time as chairman he has gained personal leadership skills and has emphasized team leadership. He wanted to raise awareness for world hunger issues and provided funds to address this problem. Thus, the Lead2Feed project was created.

         The Lead2Feed program educates students on how to make an impact on the community. This program gives a different approach to spreading awareness about hunger. Students improve themselves so they can improve the community through a series of videos and classroom lectures.

“This is a great community project because you’re learning leadership development, team building, at the same time teaching others about hunger”

— Ms. Zawadzki

       Menchville got involved with the program at a “Future Business Leaders of America” (FBLA) state officer training this summer. While there, FBLA president Serenity Muhammad talked to a representative of Lead2Feed and was further educated about the program. She brought the idea back to Menchville administrators who agreed on making it a community service project that the whole school will be able to participate in.

          Each homeroom will participate by coming up with an idea of how they will aid the local community. For example an art class can put up posters to promote and educate students about the project. A health class could help pick out healthy products to give to the food drive. This project will greatly impact the community. Just imagine all the families we could feed by coming together. We are the Menchville Monarchs, let the community hear us roar.