Menchville Monarchs Wrestling Team goes up against Heritage Hurricanes and Denbigh Patriots


Tony Sales has hand raised after he wins his match.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 The Menchville Monarchs Wrestling Team wrestled against the Heritage Hurricanes and the Denbigh Patriots, at Menchville. Prior to the match Coach Robert Fehrman said “My captains have pretty strong experience which is essential for a wrestler so they’re going to do very well for me this year. Biscuit [Derek Simmons] is also one of my star players this year.”

Katelyn Elliot accepts a forfeit.
Nate Jones tied up his opponent.

In the first match, the Monarchs lost against Heritage 37-36. However, six wrestlers did win their match because the other team did not have players in their weight class. Katelyn Elliot, 120 pounds scored the first six points for the Monarchs because Heritage did not have a wrestler in her weight class. Sophomore, Fletcher Hayes, 126 pounds, scored another 6 points for Menchville in his match. Sophomore and Co-captain, Tony Sales, weighing in at 138 pounds brought Menchville’s score up to 18 points. Freshmen Nate Jones, 145 pounds, gained another 6 points when he wrestled. Sophomore and C0-captain, Avery LeBlanc, in the 220 weight class, advanced the score to 30 when his weight class was not matched by the other team’s players. The last points were scored by Junior Derek “Biscuit” Simmons, who weighs in at 285 pounds.

Fletcher Hayes pins opponent.

In the second match Menchville was up against Denbigh. The Patriots won this match with an overall score of 62 points. Coach Fehrman said that “Denbigh has lots of good wrestlers.”

Fletcher Hayes tied up with his opponent.

The Monarchs scored 18 points. Six of the 18 points were scored by Tony Sales. Coach Fehrman said “Tony wrestled great.” Nate Collette, weighing in at 160 pounds scored 6points as well because Denbigh did not have a wrestler in his weight class. LeBlanc added 6 points. Fehrman  said that “Avery wrestled great, too.”

This was the last match of the season for the Menchville Monarchs Wrestling Team. Coach Fehrman thought that the team did not “perform like we should have” because there were “a lot of silly mistakes.”  This was also the last match for senior and team manager, Cierra Jones.

Conference will be held on February 4th. Coach Fehrman said, “most of the varsity team will probably go to conference.” The wrestlers from the varsity that Fehrman anticipates going are Zach Gonzalez, Katelyn Elliot, Fletcher Hayes, Nate Swanson, Tony Sales, Nate Jones, Nate Collette, Nate Lyon, Jimmy Culver, Avery LeBlanc, and Derek Simmons. The coach thinks that Hayes will do well at Conference and that LeBlanc will advance further to Regionals.

The bench cheers for the wrestler on the mat.