January – Thoughts on the Next Four Years


Picture via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

With President Trump taking office with increasingly low approval rates, here are the opinions of the Lion’s Roar staff about how the next four years of America may span out, and our hopes for the new term.

Online Editor, Ashley Weiss: “I think that racial tensions in America are going to get worse before they get better. Since Trump is so open about his racial beliefs, things may get interesting. All you can really do is hope for the best.”

Arts and Entertainment Editor, Mindy Nguyen: “I think Trump may have a problem listening to the American people, and acting on their needs, but we’ll see.”

Lead Photographer, McKenzie Goodwin: I think my hopes for the next few years are pretty simple. I hope that we will remember equality. That we won’t segregate ourselves by color or religion. We’ve fought for these rights, so I believe we should choose to keep them as they are. I also strongly believe in equal rights for all people. I think our country has lost it’s main focus. We are so busy fighting ourselves, that we overlook how privileged our country is. We are meant to be ‘One nation under God,’ and I hope we haven’t forgotten that. I hope we find our way back to being united, to being the United States of America.”

Staff Writer, A’naja Ratkowski: “I think the next 4 years will be alright. If everyone is devoted to keeping this country sane, and keeping Trumps head in check, America will be alright.”

Staff Writer, Ashlee Mclellan: “The next 4 years are going to be pretty hectic I think. I don’t exactly know what there is to expect, but what I do know is the feeling I get isn’t a very good one. I just hope whatever decisions are made, are made because they are important and don’t take away the rights we’ve already earned.”

Staff Writer, Kaitlyn Helsel: “I hope the next 4 years are filled with success. I hope Trump can step up his game and be the president America needs him to be.”

Staff Writer, Rachel Smith: “Rachel is looking forward to the zombie apocolypse because Rachel needs to vent out some inner rage that may or may not be caused by school.”

Staff Writer, Casey Voss: “I feel the next four years will be hectic at first, however, as Trump is our president, all we can do is hope for the best. I feel that until people realize we are all in this together, things wont get any better than how they’ve been recently. I don’t agree with a lot of things Trump says or does, but I feel people supporting him will help a lot with some of the nations ongoing issues.”

Staff Writer, Dalijah Robinson: “I think our nation is about to become chaotic. We’ve made a lot of progress with civil rights and Trump being president is going to ruin that progress. I feel like history may repeat itself with Trump. Our country is doomed. His presidency will be disastrous and cause many people sadness and turmoil.”

Staff Writer, Tre’Zure Reaves denied comment on the issue.

As for me, I’d like to think that despite the controversial shift in power, America is stronger than it’s President will ever be. The citizens of this country are bound together by the same core value – being free. That bond, connects us in ways that are difficult to comprehend. America’s diversity is beautiful, and it’s citizens are not mindless zealots. No matter what comes of the next few years, if communities band together, stay kind, stay informed, and remember what unites them instead of divides them, I believe this country can overcome any adversity that may arise.