Band Senior: Wayne Hayes


Wayne Hayes

Kaitlyn Helsel, Staff Writer

Senior Wayne Hayes is one of the drum majors in band this year. Wayne has played percussion for eight years now and plans to continue playing in college. He hopes to study music education at JMU because, “Their music department is very good, and I like working with others”, Wayne said.

Hayes describes himself as respectful, hardworking, responsible, creative, and talented. These qualities and conducting skills made Wayne an appropriate candidate for drum major. To become drum major, one must participate in auditions and conduct a piece of music in front of several judges. Deborah Sarvay,  Menchville’s  band teacher, says that Hayes can “sometimes be more into the social interaction than the musical interaction,” but mostly he is “a hard worker and he never gives up.”

Hayes said that he will be accompanying the band on their trip to Hawaii. He feels that this opportunity is an honor to perform for those that served in Pearl Harbor. In order to prepare for the trip, Wayne will have to practice the pieces for the Mass band performance, which will be the main event for all the bands participating in this year’s commemoration.

Besides playing music, Hayes spends most of his time writing music, reading, and listening to music. For Hayes music has had a big impact on his life, however being able to be in band has had an even greater impact. “[Band has] made me a better person and has impacted my choice for college,” Wayne said.