Horror Film: Origin of Evil

Horror Film: Origin of Evil

Mindy Nguyen , Horror Film: Origin of Evil

Ouija: Origin of Evil is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Mike Flanagan and written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard. It was released on October 21, 2016 by Universal Studios. My thoughts were that this movie was going to be really scary and interesting. When the first commercial for the film aired on television I was so happy because I love horror movies! Ouija: Origin of Evil interested me because it was directed by Mike Flanagan and I enjoyed all of his movies. In my opinion, the  best movies directed by him were Hush and Oculus.

Lulu Wilson plays Doris, a 9-year-old in a 1967 household where a harmless-seeming Ouija board slowly goes out of control.  Doris’s mother Alice (Elizabeth Reaser) has been trying to make a living as a fortune teller since her husband died. She decides to buy a Ouija board because she thinks that it would make her readings more interesting. and she knows if she buys one she will get more customers.

While testing the board, Alice unknowingly contacts a spirit named Marcus (Doug Jones ), who possesses Doris. The possession continues throughout the movie as Alice tries to save her daughter. The movie is about a family that stays strong and sticks together.

Overall, I would give the movie an 8/10 because, even though the movie was scary I didn’t like how it ended. However, I do highly recommend seeing this movie because its interesting and watching it with your friends will be a good time. This movie is not for everyone because it is a horror movie.