“Haters Back Off” Premiers on Netflix

Haters Back Off Premiers on Netflix

Mindy Nguyen

Netflix has introduced a new comedy series called Haters Back Off starring Internet sensation Colleen Ballinger and based on her existing Youtube character Miranda Sings.  It is a very funny and entertaining show! This show was released on October 14, 2016 and it has eight episodes. The show was developed by Colleen Ballinger and her brother, Christopher Ballinger, together with show runners Gigi McCreery and Perry Rein. The show co-stars Angela Kinsey as Bethany, Miranda’s mother, Steve Little as Jim, Miranda’s uncle, Francesca Reale as Emily, Miranda’s sister, and Erik Stocklin as Patrick, Miranda’s best friend.

Since 2008, Ballinger has posted more than 500 videos as the character Miranda Sings on the YouTube channel of the same name.The show takes us inside Miranda’s “real” life. Reviewer   of the Daily Californian said  “Haters Back Off expands Miranda Sings’ world into the realm of (fictional) human interaction. You get to see her having conversations and living life outside of a camera setup.”

As of October 2016, the Miranda Sings YouTube channel had surpassed 1.1 billion views and 7 million subscribers, and Miranda Sings has more than 5 million Instagram followers. Miranda has been ranked the 7th “most popular” channel on YouTube. Miranda typically sings pop hits and some musical theatre songs.

Ballinger’s original channel Psycosoprano has over 3,000,000,000 subscribes and features her vlogging her life. She is an American comedian, actress, singer and YouTube personality. Her channels, combined, have surpassed 1.9 billion total views.