Hawaii Here We Come!

The Menchville Band marching in the New Years Day Parade in London in 2013.

The Menchville Band marching in the New Year’s Day Parade in London in 2013.

While many of us are going through our daily school schedules the second week of December, many of our  band students will be enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of Hawaii. The band will be visiting Hawaii for the 75th Commemoration of Pearl Harbor. The Monarch band was selected to perform at this event, according to Band Director Deborah Sarvay,  through a rigorous application process involving video and audio performances.

The Commemorative events will start on December 1st and run through the 11th, however the band students won’t leave until the 5th of December.  Students have been preparing for the trip by raising money and practicing the six different pieces they will play for their performance on December 7.  Sarvay said the band will save on transportation costs because  ” the smaller instruments can be carried on (the plane) and the bigger instruments will be rented from a shop (in Hawaii)”.

But wait…if the band is only playing on one day, what will they do for the other 6 days they are there? The band will be visiting the  Arizona Memorial, meet with bands from Japan, take a hiking tour, go to a Luau, and more. Being able to partake in the 75th commemoration of Pearl harbor is not only a fun adventure, but it is also be an extraordinary honor.