National Bullying Prevention Month Activities at Menchville

National Bullying Prevention Month Activities at Menchville

Dalijah Robinson , Staff writer

The month of October is widely celebrated as National Bullying Prevention month. Many teenagers and children are bullied everyday. We as a community should feel obligated to stop bullying from happening. Bullying can cause a child to shut down, lower their self esteem, and make them feel unsafe. Bullying Prevention Month has helped children feel safer and has helped decrease bullying by 25% when observed in schools.

Menchville and Newport News Public Schools will participate in district-wide Bullying Prevention and Awareness activities during October 17-October 20.

Monday-Thursday – watch anti-bullying PSA’s by Menchville students and faculty on the morning announcements.

Monday Wear blue There will be a spoken word video performed by PBIS Ambassador Elijah Saleem.

Tuesday: there will be a banner set up outside the cafeteria for students to sign and show their support for the prevention of bullying.

 Wednesday: wear your favorite team jersey

Thursday make sure you wear all black to black out bullying.

Friday: wear your Menchville attire to show that we as a school community are coming together to help our students feel safe.