Hampton Roads Transit to Offer Free Passes

The Hampton Roads Transit Organization is trying out promotional free bus passes for individuals.



Savannah Davidson and J. Elias O' Neal

Officials working for the Hampton Roads Transit Organization are trying a promotional service to their customers. It will allow people to ride the HRT for free. Free passes to ride the HRT busses are a great way to get those who would not normally ride the HRT to get the chance to experience it, and hopefully become a regular rider. Officials are trying to promote more business and allow more people to utilize the HRT services and by trying out free passes, it will allow people to save a little money.

These “Try Transit” passes will begin in June and be distributed in early July. It is an opportunity to get more business promotion and allow this public transportation to be used by a lot of other individuals. The staff members of HRT will be the ones distributing the passes and not everyone will get them, as these passes will be going to people who would not regularly ride the HRT bus. The number of individuals riding the HRT bus has lowered in the past years and this promotional event might just be what brings the number of passengers back up! So look out everyone, you may just find yourself receiving a free bus pass for the HRT.