What Should You Be Eating Before a Game?


Menchville Girls Varsity Soccer use pasta dinners as much loved bonding time.

Gillian Niesel , Staff Reporter

Carbs.  Carbs.  Carbs.  That’s what you should think about when you’re planning your pregame meal.  The muscles function most efficiently on carbohydrates because the glycogen breaks down easily to form a rich energy supply.  Ideally, you should consume your carb loaded meal three to four hours prior to the event you are participating in.  The other key to make sure you are going to have a great performance is to maintain hydration.  North Carolina State University Health Center advises that you avoid any and all caffeinated beverage and primarily stick to water, 100% fruit juices, and sports drinks.  Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to keep your body from feeling sluggish.

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Your pre-game plate should consist of 45% Carbohydrates, 35% Fruit and Vegetables, and 20% protein. (Statistics from N.C. State University Health Center)