Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers


Savannah Davidson

Zac Aldridge volunteering at Menchville High School’s blood drive

There are many opportunities for teenagers to get involved, one big way is to volunteer. Volunteering is choosing to help in a service, usually without pay. Teenagers can easily volunteer at many local areas and the benefits are well worth it. Volunteering gives experience, teaches different work skills and abilities, and is an enjoyable way to interact with others and make new relationships with people in the community. The summertime is the best time to volunteer because most places that take volunteers will be looking because their institutions will be much busier.

Volunteering is something that is easy, fun, and educational to take part in. Places such as the Virginia Living Museum, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, public libraries, and many more places offer volunteering to the public. All of the places in our area that offer volunteering services can be found on the Hampton Roads Volunteering website.

Deciding to volunteer is one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences you can do. Many of the places in our area offer benefits to those that volunteer. A lot of museums will offer free admission for volunteers. Another big benefit is that volunteering gives you service hours which, if you are a high schooler, can go to towards graduation. Volunteering is very rewarding and it allows you to get to interact with others.