Menchville Rocks 2016- Eliza Spencer and Kylee Baines


Sandy Graham

Eliza Spencer and Kylee Baines

Sophomores Eliza Spencer and Kylee Baines will be taking to the stage at Menchville Rocks for a performance that will be unforgettable. The two make up the group, Accoustically Bassed.

Accoustically Bassed will be performing two songs from different genres that are altered. One of the songs will be a mashup that has a blues feel to it, while the other song will be a remix of a popular song.

Eliza Spencer loves to draw, play bass, and participate on the robotics team in her free time. Kayla Baines enjoys reading, writing, and playing the guitar in her free time.

Accoustically Bassed are excited not only to perform at Menchville Rocks, but to get the chance to witness and enjoy the other talented acts that will be performing.