2016 Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to the Valentine’s Day Poetry contest winner: Christen Dahl



By Christen Dahl


Love is a man hanging upon a tree

For crimes committed by you and by me

Never a wrong did he do in his life

But upon himself took misery and strife


Love is a life freely given

For those whose lives by sin are driven

He went to the slaughter, a spotless lamb

For one who is guilty, that person I am.


Love is God becoming a man

To wear a crown of thorns and nails through his hands

Betrayed and beaten and spurned by all

He laid down his life for great and for small


Love is the red from the wounds that did pour

From the body bruised yet he willingly bore

The pain and the shame I was meant to endure


Love is the victory over Death he has won

He offers Life to those would come

He offers Love though lost we have been

The man who hung yet knew no sin


Love is a man hanging upon a tree

Unconditional Love, a Love that is free

A Love that brings joy, a love that brings peace

A Love hereafter that never shall cease