Fashion of the 90’s’, Baby

All of the good fashions of the 90’s babies are categorized into four major groups, and then branch off into like a zillion sub-groups. You have designer, box logo/street wear, casual hipster, and prep/semi-formal. You begin to come across the sub-groups when these major groups are mixed, or deviated in the slightest form.

Designer is pretty self-explanatory. It usually consist of the brands crafted by, and named after one or two designers. Designer is really expensive, but our generation lives in a period where we’re constantly in the pursuit of the BMF(Blow Money Fast) life. Designer is just a way to burn our money, but look good while doing it.

Box logo, more commonly known as street wear, is my personal preference. The name box logo comes from the elite urban brand Supreme. One of Supreme’s most popular designs is just a grey hoodie with a red rectangular box that reads, ”Supreme” in a white font in said box. So it’s just a logo in a box, hence the name. Street wear was formed by the urban cultures of our generation. The skaters, rockers, and rappers got together and condensed the passions of our generation into dope threads, and we loved it, like we loved late night delinquency.

The casual hipster is a look that tends to grow on you with time. Hipsters are a very bright, and innovative bunch that you would find in some khaki joggers, a floral button up shirt, a Levi jean jacket, sk8 high Vans, and ALWAYS crazy graphic socks. By definition, hipsters are people that stay up on the latest trends and fashions, so when they start they’re new trends, your like, “What are they wearing?” Then some time passes, and you say, “Hey, I kinda like it…”

Last but not least, is your semi-formal wear. Where the kids wear the nice little blazers, with the worn Levi 511’s, clear lens RayBans, and Sperry Topsiders. Its something I would wear to an interview, but some people would wear it to a casual social gathering. Personally not my style, but still very fashionable none the less.

Once combined, these major categories become subgroups. Not saying these are the only categories, but these are the ones that are actual nice. There is the punk rock style, the anime gear, and all that other stuff, but come on now… I mean by all means if you wanna wear that, do it. Just know there are fashion police out there, so keep that in mind before you throw on your threads.