2015 Menchville Basketball Overview

Entering the new season, Menchville basketball team is motivated and determined to make it far this year.

2015 Menchville Basketball Overview

Semiyah Bellamy, Staff Writer

After starting the 2014-15 season with a three-game win streak, the Monarch’s finished  12-10. This year the team is missing MVP Dequone Lake and also key player Elijah Murphy. We sat down with Menchville’s varsity basketball coach to get a feel for how the season will go this year.

The biggest challenge the team will face this year is  “establishing rolls, building chemistry, and replacing rolls of missing seniors from last year,” says Coach Moore.

The chemistry on this team as compared to the past is “better because it’s my second year coaching, and its like a relationship; the more you are together the better you know each other.  The reason for that is because they know my idiosyncrasies.”

Coach Moore says “everything I did last year was new to them, but now it has become second nature.  We aren’t as big, but we are similar because we only lost a few guys, two key components that we have to replace is Dequone Lake and Elijah Murphy, two corner stones…so we are going to do it by committee.”  This means using mulitple people to replace the strong players they lost.

Coach Moore is looking forward to “ Just the competition, looking forward to see these young men grow.”

Their toughest rival this year will be themselves:  “ We have to overcome the loss of other guys, we have to battle self doubt and other maladies.”

Coach Moore’s goal of the season is to “Play at the highest level, we want to win more games than we lose, we want to build chemistry and character and improve.”