Who is Ray Goren?

Musical prodigy, or just another artist?

Who is Ray Goren?

Ethan Evans


Ray Goren is a very creative, very talented, but very young up-and-coming artist. It may sound strange for a 16-year-old to call a 15-year-old young, but I’m using the definition as a reference beyond age. At five, Goren was already using a keyboard. At 14 he already become a multi-instrumentalist, and had wrote two complete EPs. To only be 15, Goren has already been wildly successful in the music industry. So in this case, I truly don’t believe age is a legitimate factor. When I say Goren is a young artist, I mean he still has a lot to learn about the music industry. As an artist I know how important constructive criticism is, so Goren believe me when I say, its all love.

If I said Ray Goren wasn’t talented I’d be the worst kind of liar, the salty kind. The kid is extremely gifted, and there is no doubt about it. Truth be told, Goren has the potential to be our generations next musical icon. For him to have achieved what he has achieved at such a young age just thinking about what his future holds makes my head hurt. All the people who walked this path are now stars. Look at Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Jhene Aiko, Chris Brown, and so many more. They all started around the same age, they all worked at it, and they all achieved their dream. The best part is he has such a good vibe. He seems like a guy you would want to hangout with. So hey Goren, I believe you can pull it off, so you better believe imma hold you to it.

The only things I can suggest to you, Ray Goren, are time to grow as an artist, and try to step outside the comfort zone a little more. After a little more time in the industry you’re gonna wanna start creating things that are promotable. I know how some feel about changing your style for radio hits, but it’s not about compromising or down playing your music for airplay. For people to acknowledge your music you have to create something the people want to hear first. Truthfully, you don’t have to really change up to make a hit, unless your music absolutely sucks, and that’s not the case. But for now as a young artist, he shouldn’t worry about hits and promotion. Focus on the music, and being your self. The worst thing you can do is become stressed about becoming famous at such a young age. When you lose sight of the art, you slowly lose yourself. If this is something you love, and plan to carry this out as a true career, then that promotion and radio play is going to become a major factor. Until then, just enjoy the music. As far as stepping out of your comfort zone goes, it’s always fun to experiment and try new things with the music. I’m not saying you have to reinvent yourself, just try other things. People love surprises.

All in all, whether you’re willing take advice or not, I do have high hopes for you Mr. Goren. I truly believe your talent makes you extremely capable of carrying this whole music thing to heights you wouldn’t be able to fathom right now. You should be able to look back and say, ”Look how far I came.” When we’re both famous I’ll be the first to say I told you so, but if you become famous by yourself I’m fine with telling you through the TV. As long as you continue to grow as an artist, you’ll go far. So keep it up kid, because to just say you got potential is a complete understatement. PROPS TO MY MAN GOREN.6bcd50d4587e6845952c78d23b2416ff