Mrs. Egnot, Menchville’s Division and High School Teacher of the Year


Amanda Mathis

Mrs. Egnot teaching her AP Calculus class.

The Teacher of the Year award, recognizes and honors those teachers that go above and beyond the requirements in teaching. The teachers who receive this award truly care for their students and are passionate about their jobs. The 2014-2015 school year Division and High School Teacher of the Year was Mrs. Kari Egnot from Menchville High School. This (2015-2016) year marks her 19th year as a teacher. Mrs. Egnot “has taught many levels of math during her career, including sixth grade math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, math analysis, and AP BC calculus. She also serves as Menchville’s testing coordinator.”

What was the process you went through to become Teacher of the Year?

To become Teacher of the Year, I was first selected by my peers at MHS. Each department nominates a candidate, then the school votes on the winner. Upon winning that honor, I immediately filled out a packet for Division Teacher of the Year. A committee reviewed my packet, along with the packets of the Teachers of the Year nominated at other schools. The committee chose an Elementary School Teacher of the Year, a Middle School Teacher of the Year, and a High School Teacher of the year. Then, from those three, the division wide winner is selected.

How did you feel when you won Teacher of the Year?

I felt truly honored. I know that sounds cliche, but we have some amazing educators in this system doing extraordinary things with the students. So, to be selected over everyone is an honor that I hold near and dear to my heart.

How long have you been teaching?

This is my 19th year teaching. My first year was teaching 6th grade at Crittenden Middle School and I have been teaching Menchville ever since.

What do you love most about teaching?

I love my job. I love the newness of it in the fact that I get a new group of students each year. I can change my lessons and I am not bound to do the same thing year after year. I love the people I work with and for. Everyone here at Menchville has a great sense of pride about their job and that makes coming to work fun!

Did you always want to teach?

I always wanted to teach, so I began straight out of graduate school I can’t imagine working in any field other than education.

What is your least favorite thing about teaching?

My least favorite thing about teaching is the testing deadline. I wish I could slow down sometimes and really allow everyone in the class to grasp every lesson but we are on a time crunch to get through all the material by May, so those extra teaching moments have to take place individually after school or at lunch.

How are you handling the larger class sizes?

With the increase in class size, I am trying to find new ways to continue my collaborative teaching and group work, but 37 kids talking about math is a lot louder than 20 kids talking about math. We will figure it out.