Meet Menchville’s New Athletic Trainer!


Janie Towler

Athletic trainer Jonathan Hornsby bandages an injured athlete

Allison Scherner, Editor -in- Chief

When not teaching Sports Medicine, athletic trainer Johnathan Hornsby is on the field at sporting events waiting in the wings just in case someone gets injured. A former student of Menchville High School, Hornsby returns to help those who get hurt get back onto the field. He received his degree in athletic training from Radford University and  shares his knowledge in his Sports Medicine class.  He  teaches students everything about recognition and rehabilitation of injuries.
Hornsby deals with all sorts of injuries everyday in his office. Right after the bell rings, athletes from various sport teams come in with different pains asking for help. ‘I’m not a person to sit behind a desk,’ he says.
When not working, Hornsby enjoys sailing and would teach anatomy if not teaching Sports Medicine. His office is located across from room 404 by the big gym.