Student Activity Fair Planned for September 25th

Students browse for extracurricular activities.


Savannah Davidson, Staff Writer

Menchville High School  students are very diverse and unique. There are four grades of young adults learning new information every day. Each person is given the opportunity to express themselves in an appropriate way and excel at their classes. Menchville offers many different activities for students to participate in, such as the school musical or the school talent show. These activities allow for our students to break out and be extraordinary. Being individuals and showing their enthusiasm in a school activity is a great opportunity for them to gain knowledge, experience, and friends that have similar interests. An upcoming Activities Fair will give them a chance to discover all that Menchville has to offer.

Menchville’s Activity Fair will be held on Friday, September 25th. It will be open for all students, but is especially important to the freshman students, so that they can learn about the various extracurricular activities offered at school. Some extracurricular activities at Menchville include: foreign language clubs, robotics club, zumba club, an academic team, key club, the newspaper, and more. Whether students have an interest in academics, sports, or the arts Menchville has something for everybody. All Menchville students are encouraged to browse the displays at the Activities Fair today and pick something that suits their interests.