Pitch Perfect 2 Review


Alexis Alexander, A&E Editor



The most talked about sequel since the rumors of filming became true Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters and did not disappoint. It had that improvised funny feel just like the first movie and also some great songs to sing along to. Some people may have thought a sequel to the first movie would have ultimately destroyed the magic of the first but it didn’t. I feel as if the sequel clears up some storylines and introduce others.

First let’s talk about the Bumper and Fat Amy relationship. In the first movie we see them as acquaintances but in the sequel they finally become more. Bumper admits his feelings in a way that is true to his personality: a sugary dinner and the help from his old pals the Treblemakers. Like all great love stories Fat Amy rejects him only to mention him later on as her husband and finally realize her true feelings. With their hilarious rendition of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” they finally make their relationship known.

Next is the new girl Emily, who comes to Barden with dreams of being a Bella. Too bad her timing is awful, but the Bella’s let her audition for them because she is a legacy. With the new girl comes a new original song and a new relationship with one of the Treblemakers. The new original song, also the song Emily auditions with, is titled “Flashlight”. It’s your typical cliché love song about the boy being her flashlight that’s getting her through the night. It’s a catchy song that comes in handy at the World’s Competition. Now, on to the best part: Emily’s relationship with Benji. It’s an awkward but cute relationship they have that makes Benji nervous every time he sees her. This was the audience’s new favorite relationship next to Fat Amy and Bumper and Becca and Jesse. Overall they were so cute together in the movie and it makes you happy that Benji finally has a girlfriend.

Finally, the most important part of Pitch Perfect 2: the music. The mashups were amazing, the singing was on point, and all of the acapella groups performed amazingly. The Bellas even though they had a rough start pulled through towards the end to give the audience an amazing and heartfelt performance. Pentatonix made an appearance towards the end of the movie as a Canadian acapella group. They obviously did amazing. Das Sound Machine was the German group who were absolutely killing the acapella game. Every performance of theirs was precise and in sync and their vocals were perfect minus the German accent they had to sing in.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet I suggest you go. I know sequels can sometimes ruin the first movie but this one doesn’t. This sequel is not only as funny as the first movie it also may lead the way for a third movie.