How to Enhance Your Vocabulary


Don’t Confine Your Mind. Explore the world’s exquisite language without boundaries. Expand your vocabulary’s elasticity to consummate imperishable knowledge. If “bemused” and “profound” are more than a challenge, then take these essential tips on how to expand your vocab.



As excruciating as this sounds, reading truly shines a light on words you’ve never seen before. Explore your local libraries. Menchville has hundreds of books in varying subjects that are just waiting to be grabbed. You can go for something challenging or a modern magazine. Having a broad vocabulary means knowing words as formal as “indubitably” and street slang like “whip”.


Words of the day

There are tons of free apps out there that offer an opportunity to learn new words; all you have to do is download them. Each day you’ll get a notification of a new, unique word that you can apply in an everyday conversation. Imagine how confused everyone will look when you replace “LMAO” with “cachinnating”.


Open a thesaurus

When writing an essay or doing homework, keep a thesaurus by your side. Using more mature words in your work not only makes you look more sophisticated but it eventually becomes a habit that gets you better grades.