Phantom of the Opera: Broadway in Norfolk

A Review of the Hit Show


The cover of the program
The cover of the program

Do you believe in the Phantom of the Opera? The hit opera, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is in town playing at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk from January 8th to January 18th, 2015. My mother and my best friend, and fellow Menchville Student Kora Moyer, and I went to see the play on Sunday. I was mesmerized by the performance of the actors and actresses. The set, which was a giant rotating prop included the auction house from the prologue, the stage of the Opera Populaire, Christine’s dressing room, the “back stage” of the Opera Populaire, the staircase leading to the catacombs of the opera house, the Phantom’s home, a grave yard, the ball room, Monsieur Firman and Monsieur André’s office -to name a few. The costumes were absolutely beautiful and the passion of the performers made the performance all the better.


The actors hit all their cues and their singing was beautiful. The three main actors, Allan Snyder as the Phantom, Krista Buccellato as Christine and Storm Lineberger as Raoul,  had such chemistry that they truly brought the love triangle of The Phantom, Christine and Raoul to life. Mr. Snyder did a fantastic job at portraying the Phantom’s love for music and Christine and gave us a darker feel to the Phantom that made the performance all the better. Ms. Buccellato showed the innocent side of Christine while giving glimpses of the character’s desire. Her performance was stunning and her voice carried through the auditorium with such grace that the audience was completely mesmerized by her performance. The chemistry between Ms. Buccellato and Mr. Lineberger was so real you would have thought that they were truly lovers.


The Program with the Phantom's rose
The Program with the Phantom’s rose

            It was not only the actors and the set that dazzled the audience, but the music and the special effects were amazing. The music, under the direction of Mr. Richard Carsey, was splendid and expressed the haunting mood of the Phantom. Mr. Carsey directed the orchestra with such precision that it gave me chills throughout the entire performance. The special effects included:pyrotechnics such as flames shooting from spots on the stage to show the Phantom’s anger and the sparks that the Phantom threw at Raoul after Christine’s hauntingly beautiful solo of Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.  The special effects added even more mystery when the Phantom made his final exit when Meg Giry (played by Morgan Cowling) and the mob found him in his lair. He just simply vanished. When the cast came out for a final bow and to say goodbye to the adoring fans they received a standing ovation for their wonderful performance.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, go now while the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind!