A Season’s End Performance by (M)Pulse, (M)Pact, and Jolie Voix


Photo courtesy of Sarah Bohon

(M)Pulse at the Manchester competition

On Monday, March 21, 2022, Jolie Voix, (M)Pulse, and (M)Pact presented their season’s end performance for their family and friends in Menchville’s auditorium. The show consisted of two different dynamics, switching from the intense and resonant singing by Jolie Voix to the vibrant and energetic choreography and playing by the show choir and band. These musically-talented students worked hard and survived off of Scooby-Doo snacks to prepare their shows. Without Jennifer Jarrett and Deborah Sarvay, the Music Department would not be as successful and talented as it is today.

The night opened with Jolie Voix (Pretty Voice), a group comprised of 12 girls who rehearse every school day at 7:10 am with Jarrett. The group sang Shenandoah/He’s Gone Away and Cantate Domino by Mark Hayes. The first song featured two folk songs that had warm harmonies and intertwined to be a musically remarkable piece. Crystal Le, one of the group’s soprano/alto singers, said, “Cantate Domino is my favorite because of how hard we’ve worked as a group to blend and perform the song as perfectly as we can.” This energetic piece incorporated English and Latin lyrics and featured a piano accompaniment played by Leah Parr, the Choir Director at Tabb Middle School. Crystal said, “We sound like an ensemble instead of a group of 12 girls.”

Jolie Voix performing at Menchville (Leann Vo)

Recently, Jolie Voix performed their assessment at Jamestown High School, earning ones across the board. At assessment, they are scored by multiple judges on their music and are given a piece to sightread for a score ranging from 1 to 5. A 1 at assessment is considered a “superior” and is the highest score a musical group can receive.

Following the performance by Jolie Voix, Jarrett gave a warm welcome to the members of the showband, (M)Pact. The group consists of 15 musicians playing instruments ranging from the trumpet to the saxophone. Marie Heilman, a trumpet player, said, “My favorite part of show band is probably watching the awards with all my friends and going crazy when we win, also, getting to see all the other really talented show choirs and bands perform.” These students rehearse weekly after school with the Band Director, Sarvay, to accompany (M)Pulse. The showband is situated behind the scenes during the show, yet they are essential to an entertaining performance.

Jarrett introduced (M)Pulse and their Scooby-Doo-themed show comprised of 27 singers and dancers. She said “Join (M)Pulse with the story of a Mystery Gang and their first adventure solving the mystery of the Black Knight. The gang is about to receive a rather dark fortune: a warning of imminent darkness involving a dark knight! Ruh Roh! As the gang fights evil, who will be unmasked?” The show choir was accompanied by (M)Pact, directed by Sarvay, choreographed by Brooke Smolder and Ethan Singleton, and directed by Jarrett.

(M)Pulse’s show featured Hailey James as “Scooby,” Luke Jones as “Shaggy,” Caroline Crain as “Velma,” Madison Silcox as “Daphne,” Tyler Allen as “Fred Jones,” and Ash Rojas as “Babu.” (M)Pact was dressed as knights and the (M)Pulse members wore colorful striped dresses and sky blue suits. Crain said, “I enjoy being in show choir because I like being able to perform and build a bond and family with so many people that have the same interests as me.” Her favorite memory was at their Manchester competition because “we all came off the stage with a smile on our faces feeling like it was the best we had ever performed.” On February 19, 2022, (M)Pulse was awarded best costumes at Clover Hill’s Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular.

A month later at Hanover and Mechanicsville’s Festival of Choirs, (M)Pulse was awarded 3rd place in their division and best stage crew. Their final competition will take place on Saturday, March 26, 2022, at Powhatan High School’s Diamond Classic.

As a first-time spectator of (M)Pulse, (M)Pact, and Jolie Voix, their singing, choreography, and enthusiasm for their music kept me entertained and immersed in the adventures of the Mystery Gang and Jolie Voix’s graceful harmonies. Jarrett encourages young students to join Menchville’s Music Department saying, “we’re here and ready to have them.” Music is alive and living in the walls of Menchville High School. It is where teenagers are able to develop their musical talents, learn valuable lessons, and build life-long friendships.