Is the Purrble the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Review by Kylee Berg

Dandy and the Purrble collaborate for this holiday season.

Kylee Berg

Dandy and the Purrble collaborate for this holiday season.

The Purrble is a cuddly friend ‘scientifically proven’ to calm its user. This robotic toy is covered in soft fur and vibrates to replicate the feeling of a heartbeat. This vibration begins fast but slows down as its user pets it.  As the Purrble heartbeat slows, the user’s emotions will also calm. The Purrble is one of the best inventions of 2021 according to Time magazine. Purrble arrives in a little cardboard box, holes poked through to make it seem as though it is a live animal being brought home for the first time.

In my first experience with this invention, I was in a loud environment, and I assumed the Purrble would help  keep me focused rather than distracted by all of the noise and things around me. However, the item only gave me a heavy feeling of anxiety, its heartbeat seemingly influencing mine to match its speed.

However, I had a test that same day a little while later. While taking the test, I turned on the Purrable and absentmindedly held it, finding it to be an outlet for fidgeting. After both of these trial-like situations, I reread the literature about the Purrable and learned it is designed to help teach children empathy and self-calming.

After testing Purrble in different situations, I believe that this item is not something that will help a person  calm down in already overwhelming situations. But rather in a more calm situation where you just need some peace. The Purrable is an interesting invention but I do believe there might need to be some more direction for those who are buying it. Maybe offering different types of calming techniques or a mode where it is only a slow heartbeat, just feeling the sense of something else possibly being able to calm you. I think as the holidays come up the Purrable could be a top gift idea for the season.