Holiday Decorations You Can Make

Sock Snowmen

Ashley Wyatt

This time of year it´s cold but we don´t get snow here a lot. So no going outside and making a snowman. Even when we get snow it´s not at Christmas. So this is how you can build a snowman for the holidays without the snow.

Materials you need:

rubber bands
a small pom-pom




  1. First cut off the top of the sock that goes on your
  2. Turn it inside out and attach a rubber band tightly to the top of the sock
  3. Turn it right-side-out again
  4. Fill the sock with rice now, make sure you pack down the rice as you work (don´t full it all the way because you still need to close it off)
  5. To close it off put a rubber band at the top then put a rubber band ¾ for the snowman’s head
  6. Now decorate
  7.  For the scarf use th ribbon and wrap it around the neck( you may want to glue it down)
  8. The buttons can be its eyes and buttons down its belly
  9. The small pom-pom is his nose( you can use something different if you wish)
  10. You can also make a cap for him with the sock that you cut if you do this you can put the bow on here.


Tree Ornaments

Ashley Wyatt

This time of year everyone is getting new and different ornaments to put on their trees so how about you have a kind of homemade one this year.

Materials you need

Clear ornament ( go to dollar tree)



Hot glue






  1. Take off the top of the ornament
  2. Fill with both paint and glitter (if you wish you can just take glitter and Elmore glue and put it in)
  3. Flip it over and take out the excess glitter and paint
  4. Hot glue the top and you’re done
  5. Optional: You can paint on the outside and put a ribbon on the top.



Homemade Snow Globes


Ashley Wyatt

Snow globes are something that lots of people love and love to collect. So why not give your collector one that no one else can get in the world.


Materials you’ll need


Plastic wine glass


Hot glue

White foam balls


Paint (optional)

String (optional)






  1. Get a plastic wine glass
  2. Take the cardboard and draw around the top of the glass
  3. Take little toys (or what you wish) and glue them to the cardboard
  4. The white foam balls are the snow put them in the glass
  5. Glue the cardboard to the top with the toys inside the glass
  6. You glue the glitter to the top
  7. Optional: You can paint and hang things from the top of the glass as well