Santa Claus Came to Menchville Choral Concert

Grace Rivera, Editor-in-Chief

The Menchville Choral department held their concert, A Holiday Extravaganza, on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. From 7 pm to 8:15, there were a total of 15 holiday songs performed by the four choir classes directed by Jennifer Jarrett, Menchville’s Choir teacher, along with brief but lively paragraph readings of the Polar Express from Jarrett. The performances were an intriguing combination of soft and electric, seeming to take the audience with them on an adventure. There were a few glitches here and there however the performances from these extremely talented Menchville students should not be ignored. 

Leann Vo

With engaging choreography and impressive harmonies, the show began with all choirs on stage for the opening number. The male section of the choir was carrying the opening numbers which I found to be most refreshing. Male sections of choirs have a tendency to lack numbers and volume and for them to be beautifully blended with the women’s section of the choir, was outstanding and should be commended. 12 songs were performed by the different choirs, Jolies Voix, Mixed Chamber, (M) Pulse,  and Bella Voice. Finishing off the night were the two Menchville Choir classic songs performed that were the biggest crowd-pleaser of the night, Holiday Road of Carols and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. All of the choir students were on stage to perform the last songs of the night. Finishing off the whole concert was a surprise visit from a very special guest, Jolly Saint Nick. 

Leann Vo

Every member of the choral department was wearing special face masks designed for singers that I happen to believe were a nice touch. There was a disclaimer stated by Jarret after the opening number about the audience wearing their masks correctly in order to protect the people around them. The costumes were all around spectacular. Throughout the concert event, the choirs using props during certain songs gave it an added bit of festivity that the audience could not get enough of.  With shouts of encouragement and encores, this concert was certainly an extravaganza!