A Changing Menchville



Here at Menchville High School, we are faced with new challenges and changes every day.  Every morning at 7:10 am, Mr. Surry greets us with announcements informing us of the events for the week and reminding us to conduct ourselves with Monarch pride. Every week, students face new assignments and assessments to continue their learning journey. As teachers continue to come and go, some have dedicated themselves to teaching at Menchville High School. They exemplify their joy for teaching young students and watch as they make a difference in the world.

Coach Haas is the longest-lasting teacher here at Menchville. She has been here for 38 consecutive years, with the addition of her going there for her 4 years of high school. Within her years she has also coached/taught some of our current teachers at MHS, Ashley Chassard, Brandon Traner, and Jennifer Howard. Her reasoning for continuing to teach at MHS was because it was her home and she couldn’t teach anywhere else. Coach Haas teaches Health education at MHS; the biggest change she has noticed during her time of teaching here is the curriculum and how it is not just about the health you need for sports, but rather lifetime wellness. The change that has happened within the school that she does not favor is the lack of respect and school spirit. She says that when she was in school everyone went by the standards of ROAR; Respect, Opportunity, Achievement, Responsibility. Finally, she said that “ This was my school I would never teach anywhere else. Menchville gave me the best years of my life, and I’m honored to be in my home school. I love the family and how we back each other up. Having caring teachers that always want kids to do good.” 

Mrs. Sarvay has been teaching at Menchville as the band director for 24 years (since ‘98). She attended Virginia Tech and continues to show her spirit as a Hokie Alumni. During her first year at Menchville, the band was named “Grand Champion” for the first time in seven years. Many of her students attributed the band’s success to the arrival of Mrs. Sarvay who exemplified strong leadership and determination. She said that the band has improved over the course of the years, although the number of students interested in the band continues to decline. She has taken into account that there has been a great deal of “teacher turnover,” with more teachers staying for shorter amounts of time. The most recent change that has affected her and the band is COVID-19. Mrs. Sarvay continues teaching at Menchville because she believes that it is the “best high school.” While she has not taught any teachers at Menchville, she has

taught teachers at Denbigh High School and Gildersleeve Middle School and has taught talented musicians including Nicolas Gonzalez who went on to attend a good music program at college. Mrs. Sarvay encourages students to “hang in there and go for what you truly enjoy.”

Coach Haas and Mrs. Sarvay are two of the long-lasting teachers at Menchville who truly share a passion for their love of teaching the upcoming generations. They have seen the many changes that have altered the school environment whether it be good or bad. The addition of the new wing, the new Menchville sign, and the new grading system are just a few of the many developments that have occurred since Menchville opened its doors in 1970.

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