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As stated in the NNPS Health Plan, “All NNPS students and staff are required to wear a face mask while on the bus and inside the building regardless of vaccination status.” The surge of COVID-19 cases in March 2020 led to the demand for face masks. Many fashion designers took this opportunity to develop stylish masks that could allow people to express themselves while staying safe. It is clear that the definition of a mask has changed since March 2020. The mask was widely known as a full head cover that would disguise the face or as the facial mask which would be applied to the skin. In 2021, the mask provides a greater purpose than to scare your friends as a clown or to boost your skin’s glow, it is a way of self-expression that compensates for the lack of facial expression caused by the face mask.

In America, face masks are designed for many purposes. Businesses utilize face coverings with their logo to promote their company, while your local fashion enthusiasts may use them to match their mask to their outfit. Let’s take a look at the many face masks used all around the world.


Disposable Masks

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These are one of the more popular face coverings that are easily disposable after use. Many people use these due to the amount given in a single box or because of their simplicity. They are worn by those who follow the COVID-19 guidelines and want to stay safe without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Cloth Masks

They are also among the most popular face masks. These allow people to express themselves with a greater variety of designs and colors. Cloth Masks are washable, reusable, and reduce littering in the environment as opposed to the disposable masks.

Facial Masks

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As opposed to the previous two, facial masks are not CDC approved and are not recommended for use in public areas. Although they provide many benefits to the skin, they are not recommended to protect the spread of COVID-19. Keep these masks at home to refrain from scaring other customers at the grocery store.

N95 Medical Respirators

These masks are prioritized for medical personnel by the CDC, however individuals may wear a basic N95 in some situations. They are more expensive than disposable masks due to their tight seal. N95’s tend to be harder to breathe in and must be discarded after use.

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Neck Gaiter Masks

These coverings were originally caution labeled by the CDC, however they are now accepted as masks that will protect against COVID as long as they have at least two layers. Unlike most of the other masks, the gaiters do not attach around the ears. As well, they provide additional warmth to the head.

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Clear Masks

These are most commonly used by those aiming to provide clearer communication to others while staying safe. They allow professionals such as teachers and sign language interpreters to remove the boundaries of facial expression made by face masks.